These days, anyone can easily become a writer by starting a blog! There are multiple free sites to help you start a blog, without needing any computer coding or web building skills. Say you decide to start a blog, you get it all set up, and you even write a few entries-now how do you make sure people are reading it??

Writing a blog can actually involve a complex logarithm, just as doing SEO on a website. There are a few factors to consider, but once you know the basics, writing a blog that’s easy to find, and informative for your viewers. Here are the top 5 things to consider:

  1. Keywords
  2. Having the right content
  3. Linking to other content
  4. Layout
  5. Visual aids

Keywords are important!! If you want to blog about “how to knit a scarf,” you will likely assume that readers will be searching for “how to knit a scarf.” There are probably hundreds of blogs out there about knitting scarves, so you want to ensure keywords are included in the title, as well as the body. It also helps SEO to have these keyword titles on any images in your post!

This goes in to having the right content as well. Not only should I have keywords that I know people will be searching for, but I need to make sure I’m writing about the right things! Blogs should be informational; solving a problem. Blogs are meant to be snippets of knowledge from experts, or people with experience on the topic. If you are writing about knitting, think about what problems knitters would be looking to solve. Come up with a list of problems such as, what size needles should I use when knitting a blanket? What type of yarn is best for a sweater?

There are different opinions out there on linking to other content, but simply put, the more you interact with other bloggers, businesses, users on the internet, the more possible traffic you are bringing to your blog. Linking to other articles also gives you come credibility it that you’ve done some research. Most likely, you are not reinventing the wheel, merely rewording it, if you will, for your own audience.

A few things to consider about layout are white space and lists. If you’ll notice above, there is a numbered list and the paragraphs are not that long, so that there is white in between them. Lists are on Googles top factors when producing search results for their users, as they are easy to read and are visually appealing. People also view shorter sentences and paragraphs as visually appealing, so white space is your friend!

We all know that people like visual aids! Images, info graphics, charts and the like grab the readers eye and keep them engaged, while breaking up content. Breaking up content, whether good or bad, keeps readers engaged as they a “break” from reading to look at pretty pictures.

This is just a list from experience and research; you will see that blogs come in many different forms! The best thing is to keep writing, writing, writing and test and rewrite and keep going until you find your audience!